Marshon Lattimore Conference Call Transcript - April 27, 2017
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New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore Conference Call with New Orleans Media Thursday, April 27, 2017 What are you feeling like after being drafted with the emotion you displayed on camera from the draft? "I didn't know where I was going to go after looking at the mock drafts and seeing I was going to go that high, but for a while I didn't know. Once I got the call it was like a dream come true." How much time did you spend with the Saints in the pre-draft process? "I talked to them at the combine. I didn't go on a visit though, but I talked to them at the combine." Where would you say you are with the hamstring issues and how much did you spend strengthening it during the pre-draft process? "I did everything I did (to strengthen and treat) when I had time too. Flying from team to team (made) it hard to keep up with it, but I did it. I knew what was at stake and I went in there every day and tried to get my hamstrings right. Even though I'm (feeling) good, (I) just stayed on it we did acupuncture needles, stepping exercises, just different types of stuff, but I'm (feeling) good right now." Do you have any experience playing the slot or do you see yourself more as an outside guy? "I've played outside typically, but I can adjust and learn how to play inside. I'll set that side up." Was the hamstring injury one leg or both? "My first season it was my left one (hamstring which) I got surgery on and my second season it was my right one, but they are all taken care of now." How excited are you to come down here with Vonn (Bell) and Michael (Thomas)? "I'm so excited man. I've been talking to Mike throughout this whole draft process and (Ted) Ginn (Jr.) is down there (another) former Glenville high player. I'm just glad to have those guys around me, those Buckeyes around me and I'm ready to get there." What has Michael Thomas told you about the organization and the city of New Orleans? "He hasn't said too much about it. He didn't know where I was going to go, but he was just telling me that it's a great city to stay at and I've been with him in the Ohio State training room and worked with him. We just had regular conversations. He just told me to embrace the moment and that's what I did." Can you describe your game a little bit and do you prefer press or zone? "I like press. That's what we did at Ohio State man. Get on an island and do what you do. I feel like I'm more of a press guy, but feel like I can do zone. I can do whatever they need me to do. I can learn and adapt." How long do you think it will take for you to pick up the Saints defensive scheme? "It's going to take some time, but I feel like I can get in there with a vet and learn how to breakdown the film even better than what I was doing when I was at Ohio State. It's all a learning process and I'm ready to do it." How often do you think you'll pick Von Bell's brain? "Oh yeah definitely, (I) will get with him day one." Why do you think you are the best cornerback in this year's draft? "I'm physical and can tackle as well as cover and press. It's a pass heavy league, and I feel like I can disrupt everybody. So I feel like I have a good chance to be a great cornerback in the league." A lot of cornerbacks struggle as a rookie, and why do you think you will be able to adapt quickly to the league? "Just from where I come from... Ohio State. They prepare us for the league. I have been guarding Michael Thomas, since I was a freshman and he is in the league and dominating in the league right now. So, I am just ready to get there (New Orleans) and show them what I can do." Who used to win that matchup between you and Mike? "Ah, right now I would win. I was a little freshman back then, but now I am a grown man now, so we are going to go at it." Any sense of why you were still available at 11? Did you expect to go higher, were you disappointed? "I expected to go higher, but it is all good. I am not worried about it. I just want to contribute to the New Orleans Saints right now." Are you aware of how the Saints ranked in pass defense last year? Do you have confidence that you can come in and make them better right away? "I am trying to go in there day one and show what I can do. I am just going to be myself and contribute to this team as much as I can." Has it hit you yet that you are in the NFL? "It hit me, but not like I thought it would. Probably tonight when I am back out of this environment and I will just think about it and know that I made my dream come true." When you received the call, who was the one that was on the line with you? Mickey Loomis or Sean Payton? "It was both. Coach Payton got on the phone second. But I talked to them. They couldn't hear me at first, service was bad. But I talked to them." What did they have to say? "They just told me congratulations. Just a little thing like that and I'm proud to be a Saint. That is all I have to say." What are some things you think that Saints fans need to know about you? "They need to know that I am going to try and contribute you the most I can from day one. I am not going to try to be the big man on the team. I am going to come in and do my job and get it done for them." You don't have a nickname do you? "No, just Shon. People just call me Shon. Back when I played offense, it was Juice. But back when I changed to defense that kind of left."
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